smartwatch tips and tricks

Some cool fun tricks to have fun with your Apple Watch

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Three years and four components alterations down the line, and it is apparent the Apple Watch is here to stay but are you currently squeezing all of the performance you can from your Apple watch? Here we provide 4 tips and tricks for your Apple Watch, a lot of which will operate across several versions, to aid you to master your wrist-based mini-computer.

1) Shift AirPods volumes

Got a set of AirPods with your Apple Watch or iPhone? Wish to modify the volume from your wrist? Look at your smartwatch to learn what’s playing then rotate the digital crown to turn the volume down or up (that is a whole lot more convenient than using your handset ).

Two ) Squeeze out more battery life.

Boost battery life on your Apple Watch a bit by turning off apps running in the background (like you can do on your phone). To do this, go to the Apple Watch icon in your iPhone, tap my view, general, and background refresh to turn it off for individual apps or all of them.

3) Ping your iPhone

If you have dropped your iPhone down the back of the couch, then your Apple Watch will be able to assist you in finding it. Just swipe up in your watch screen then tap on the find iPhone button to get it to emit a tone so that you may see it. Press and hold the button to flash the phone’s LED lights.

4) Take photographs with your Apple Watch

Most of you have discovered that, but it is among the trendiest party tricks the Apple Watch has, so just in case: open the camera program in your iPhone and the camera remote app opens on your Apple Watch and presto, you can use your watch as a shutter button.